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The composition of electro-hydraulic actuator is worth collecting

Time: 2020-11-19 09:05:36Copyfrom: Wuxi shengernuo Control System Co., Ltd
The composition of electro-hydraulic actuator is worth collecting
The electro-hydraulic actuator consists of two main parts:the actuator(cylinder and electro-hydraulic power assembly)and the control box.The remote control device is installed on the remote control box.They are connected by the module cable and the feedback cable.The control box includes position control processor,power supply,motor driver,fuse and power filter,and terminal.
There are three operation modes in the operation device of the position control processor:automatic,set and local.When the actuator is in the automatic mode,it will achieve the target position through automatic adjustment according to the control signal.When the actuator is in local mode,the actuator position can be adjusted manually.When the actuator is in the setting mode,the actuator can be calibrated and its operating parameters can be set,which control the dynamic characteristics of the actuator.
Through a simple operation,the position control processor(PCP)can be put into"setting"mode,where the speed,stroke,and control signals can be set through the three key area and the display.Programming parameters can be obtained from memory.PCP can diagnose various faults of actuator.The error code is represented in two letters on the five digit display screen,and the word"E-"is displayed in front of the error code.
The core of the actuator is the electro-hydraulic power module,including motor,gear pump,flow matching valve,oil tank,heater,bypass solenoid valve(unique to spring failure unit),etc.
The flow matching system allows the power module to be positioned incrementally.The motor and pump only act when the actuator needs to move.Lock in place when not moving.The system is fully capable of regulating tasks without being limited by start,stop or reverse.
Working principle of electro-hydraulic actuator:
Depending on the preset parameters such as stroke and signal range,PCP converts the control signal sent from the outside into the target position,and the current position is determined by the feedback component installed on the actuator.The difference between the target and the current position is the error.If the error exceeds(set by the user),the PCP will correct it again by starting the motor.
Inside the power module is a reversible hydraulic pump driven by a motor,which can be pressurized by one of the two flow matching valves(fmv-1 and fmv-2).Each FMV consists of an open spool with an integrated pilot check valve.The port sizes of the two fmvs are strictly the same.