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What is the actuator like?

Time: 2020-11-10 08:42:02Copyfrom: Wuxi shengernuo Control System Co., Ltd

What is the actuator like?

The actuator,also known as the regulating valve,is composed of the actuator and the regulating mechanism,as shown in Fig.3-26.The actuator receives the control signal from the regulator and converts it into linear displacement or angular displacement.The opening of the regulating mechanism is manipulated to change the operating variables automatically,so as to realize the automatic control of process variables.

The actuator is installed on the production site and directly contacts with the medium.It usually works under high temperature,high pressure,high viscosity,strong corrosion,easy crystallization,inflammable and explosive,and highly toxic.If the actuator is not selected properly,the control quality of the process control system will be directly affected.

According to the different energy used by the actuator,the actuator can be divided into three categories:pneumatic,electric and hydraulic.The characteristics and selection method of pneumatic control valve described in this section are applicable to other types of actuators.

The characteristic of pneumatic actuator is that compressed air(or nitrogen)is used as power source.It has the advantages of good control performance,simple structure,reliable action,convenient maintenance,fire prevention and explosion-proof,and low price.It can be used together with pneumatic and electric instruments conveniently.Its input signal is 0.02~0.1 MPa,and the air source pressure is 0.14 MPa.Therefore,pneumatic actuator is widely used in industrial production process control system.

The characteristic of electric actuator is that its input signal is O~10mA(DDZ-II type)or 4~20M(cddz-Ⅲtype),which has the advantages of convenient energy acquisition,fast execution speed and easy centralized control.But its structure is complex and its fire and explosion-proof performance is poor.