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What are the advantages of actuators?

Time: 2020-11-10 09:07:37Copyfrom: Wuxi shengernuo Control System Co., Ltd
Through the application of CRM system, actuator enterprises can establish a perfect, flexible and integrated marketing information platform, achieve the following goals, and help enterprises gain advantages in the fierce market competition
1. Effective management of customer information resources and market competition information;
2. Grasp every detail of sales opportunity clue, purchase, sales, contract, cost, service, care and so on;
3. Multi angle analysis of customers, sales and accounts receivable provides a basis for decision-making;
4. The brand-new service care management thought runs through the pre-sale, in sale and after-sale;
5. The whole staff realizes collaborative office, information release and sharing, and centralized document management
6. Customer relationship management system can make sales personnel manage customers conveniently and quickly, record customer information in detail, and avoid the trouble of looking up the traditional Notepad every day; the system will remind the sales staff to do what should be done today; at the same time, it can easily determine the type of customers, facilitate the tracking of important customers, and improve work efficiency.
7. The sales staff management system can record the sales staff contact business records and event records, record the whole process of sales in detail, facilitate enterprises to master all information of customers, at the same time, leaders can guide the sales process of salesmen at any time, adjust sales in time and promote sales. Realize the unified management of sales staff in all sales outlets, facilitate the leadership of staff assessment, and ensure that customer information will not be lost due to employee turnover.
8. Customer service management system can record and track the work of customer service department in the whole process, and customer service personnel can transfer and coordinate tasks through the system. Through the system, the customer service departments around the company can coordinate the tasks organically, even if they are in different places, they can also accept the tasks in a short time and realize the cooperation, realizing the promise of "service in place within 24 hours".