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Wuxi shengernuo Control System Co., Ltd

President Zhu: 189 6173 2355
Manager Zhu: 189 2113 8362
Tel: 0510-81020023
Post code: 214000
QQ:  1723830563
Wechat: zhufeng6343
Company email: zhufeng@senjd.com
Address: No.3, GaoKai Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City

Wuxi shengernuo Control System Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2010.Its main products are electro-hydraulic actuator,hydraulic actuator,DRG fork actuator,The factory is located at No. 8 Shiqian Road, shitangwan, Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi.The factory covers a total area of 6000 square meters.There are more than 60 sets of processing equipment and more than 80 workers.Among them,there are more than 10 middle and high-level technology.It has Wuxi,Chengdu,Wuxi(export)and other sales centers,and its products are sold all over the country.
San Erno Control System Co.,Ltd.is committed to the development and research of automatic valves such as pneumatic actuators,pneumatic valves and pneumatic control valves.It has advanced valve processing,manufacturing,testing and other special equipment,and introduces advanced valve production technology from the United States.
The company's main products are pneumatic actuator:at and GT,heavy duty fork series,electro-hydraulic linkage series,control valve:ball valve,butterfly valve,control valve,drive mode of manual,pneumatic,electric,hydraulic and other series of products,with an annual output value of about 60 million.The company carries out scientific management in strict accordance with ISO9000 quality management system.With excellent quality and perfect service to provide customers with satisfactory products.
The company's products are mainly used in chemical,environmental protection,pharmaceutical,power plant and other industries.After years of development,our company has gradually formed a scientific management system,many years of industry experience and strong R&D technology,advanced manufacturing technology and perfect after-sales service.
Wuxi suno insists on the management concept of quality for survival and integrity for development,and strives to build the control system into a professional brand in the field of control valve.